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Speech by Chairman of HKACS

This year marks the 60th anniversary of HKACS’s establishment. The number ‘60’ holds special significance for us.  In the traditional Chinese sexagenary cycle, sixty years make up one complete cycle of stems and branches. Therefore, our 60th anniversary logo features the theme of 'Infinity’, incorporating the mathematical symbol ‘∞’ as its design concept. This represents our endless and continued support for cancer patients, their families, caregivers, and the entire community with infinite love and care.

HKACS has implemented various programmes to provide subsidies and medication sponsorships to cancer patients. Thanks to the generous donations from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in 2008, the HKACS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, which was transformed from the Nam Long Hospital, has begun its operation and become a warm and welcoming “Home Away From Home” for cancer patients. With the support of the community, HKACS has launched the Charity Bed Programme to provide   economically challenged cancer patients with low-cost or even free accommodations at our rehabilitation centre, where they can receive proper and timely nursing care services. In 2021, HKACS published "A to Z Guide for Caregivers ", aiming to provide comprehensive information on cancer-related matters to both cancer patients and their caregivers.

The number of newly diagnosed cancers has risen in recent years and tends to be younger. In order to strengthen the day-care service and to relieve the pressure on caregivers, the HKACS Jessie Tam Cancer Recovery Centre will be commenced operations this year to provide comprehensive day-care service and support for cancer patients and their families. In the face of changes and rising medical costs, the expenses of various funding programmes have increased accordingly.  We must not only strive to overcome cancer, but also to outpace it by running faster and farther. Thanks to the generous donations and strong support from various sectors of society, we have been able to expand new cancer-fighting services without government funding.

Entering our 60th anniversary, HKACS will hold a series of celebration activities to showcase the development and achievements of anti-cancer work, and to jointly promote cancer prevention, anti-cancer and cancer treatment with people from different sectors of the society.


Patricia Chu, BBS



Speech by Chairman of
the 60th Anniversary Organising Committee

The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is welcoming an important milestone in 2023 – its 60th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, we will have a series of celebratory events lasting for one and a half years. With the slogan for the celebration is "60 years of infinite care", we are inviting all of our staff, as well as members of the community and other organisations, to participate in these events and share the joy. We also want to emphasise that we will continue to uphold its mission of prevention and protection, providing endless and ongoing care for cancer patients, their families, and caregivers.

For 60 years, HKACS has been serving the community by promoting, coordinating, and engaging in various cancer education, research, and prevention work, as well as providing financial assistance to cancer patients in need. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff and founders, HKACS has thrived and become a recognised pioneer in cancer prevention among the general public, spreading our vision - Anti Cancer, We Care, throughout the community and even internationally.

I am glad to be appointed as the chairman of the 60th Anniversary Organising Committee, playing my part in the celebratory events along with other staff members of HKACS. Starting from January 2023, HKACS will launch a one-and-a-half-year celebration, featuring exciting programmes such as an international academic conference, a charity dinner, large-scale exhibition, sports events, and the development of new service.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I would like to express my gratitude to all HKACS’s partners who have contributed to the planning and offered valuable suggestions, particularly the members of the Steering Committee, working committees, and task groups who helped with the preparation of various celebratory events. Thanks to their active participation, the HKACS’s 60th anniversary is filled with joy and happiness. While celebrating this milestone, we also look back on the achievements made by HKACS, which inspires us to continue fulfilling our mission and bringing endless possibilities to cancer prevention services.


Professor Sydney Tang


HKACS 60th Anniversary Organising Committee

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