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Charity Hiking

Journey with Health, Pave the Way for Charity

1/1/2024 -31/3/2024

We believe that exercise and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer while improving quality of life. That's why the committee have chosen 'Charity Hiking' as the First fundraising event in 2024.

Our aim is to encourage people to embrace a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors, all while raising funds for cancer patients' free services.

We hope you'll join us in experiencing the joys of hiking and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Let's stride together towards a healthier life!

The event has ended. Thank you to all your support!

Our Recommended Routes


Mr CHIU Tsang-hei

​Musician &

HKACS 60th Anniversary Organising Committee Member

Hei's Favorite Route: Wilson Trail Section 2

I would like to recommend Wilson Trail Section 2 in the Hong Kong Island area. Start from Hong Kong Parkview and follow the trail that passes through Tai Tam Reservoir. Along the mountain path, you'll come across a junction. Choose the left path towards "Quarry Pass Pavilion," where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Eastern District from the Mount Butler Viewing Point. Continue walking until you reach the Quarry Bay Tree Walk, where you'll find historical remnants such as wartime stoves, making it a must-visit for those interested in history and culture.

This trail is not easy, with some ups and downs, much like LIFE itself. It's a journey that needs to be taken slowly to truly appreciate its essence.

​Difficulty: 4 stars

Chance to meet Hei along this route? 12-14 Feb


Miss Poman LO

 Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels Group &
HKACS 60th Anniversary Organising Committee Member

Difficulty: 1 star

Poman's Favorite Route: Victoria Peak Loop Trail

I recommend the Harlech Road and Lugard Road Circular Walk, a delightful walking trail. Begin your journey by taking transport to the iconic Peak Tower in Hong Kong, and from there, you can access the entrance to Lugard Road. The entire loop is approximately 3KM long, and a leisurely stroll around it takes only half an hour.

This trail consists of smooth asphalt road throughout, offering a pet-friendly experience where you can bring your beloved furry friends companions to embrace nature. Whether it's the morning or dusk, this route presents different facets of Hong Kong, each adorned with breathtaking beauty.

Chance to meet Poman along the route? 10-17 Mar


Prof Sydney TANG


HKACS 60th Anniversary Organising Committee

Difficulty: 2 stars

Sydney's Favorite Route: Pok Fu Lam to Victoria Peak

I grown up in Hong Kong and all you know my work place is on HK Island while I love spending my leisure moment to breathe in the fresh air.

I would like to recommend a route that is relatively easy yet offers stunning views. Follow the mountain trail, passing by Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and ascending through the lush greenery, until you reach the Top of Hong Kong - Victoria Peak. 

Once you reach the Peak Tower, you can continue uphill along the Mount Austin Road. You'll pass by the Mount Austin Playground and eventually arrive at the Pavilion in the Peak Garden. You can even catch a glimpse of the power plant on Lamma Island in good weather!

This route not only provides a scenic experience but also allows you to stay active and appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong's natural surroundings.

Chance to meet Sydney along this route? 24-25 Feb

peak garden view.jpeg

How to join?

It's incredibly easy to contribute to health and charity.

Support right away through the following means, let's go hiking together in pursuit of good health.

Donate $100 &

Join Photo Contest

You can just donate $100 and join our Photo Contest with great Outdoors. Committee will select the winner of the Best Photo Award. Winner will get a set of Sport Tee & cap with exclusive HKACS design.

Donate Now

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Submit Photo

​Event Ended


Fundraise Page


Some of you may also want to share the good cause with families and friends. Join this meaningful event together by creating your own Fundraising Page with your own reason to help the cancer patients who needs financial support.

DIY Your Page

Event Ended

Equip Yourselves


HKACS have partnered with the renowned sportswear brand 2XU to launch a special design sportswear set (Aero Tee & Cap).

Stocks are limited, so if you're interested, please fill out the form for purchase.

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